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What Women Desire in a Man in a Relationship

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What Women Desire in a Man in a Relationship

What women desire in a man in a relationship isn’t much though men always think women desire much from them. When you meet a real woman, her desire in a relationship is not much. When you are able to meet the desires of a woman in a relationship, she loves you with all she has. If a woman wants to love, she can love with all she has and if she wants to hate, she will do with all she has. Women have many expectations from men and feel broken when they discovered it wasn’t the way they were told. We are going to explore what women desire from men in a relationship, for men that desires a happy relationship and marriage. when a man is honest, pure, show strength, have compassion and above all humble.

What women Desire in a Man in a Relationship

For real men who wants to have it all go well in relationship and marriage. The following are the desire of women in a man in a relationship;

1. Honesty:

More than any other trait, women are looking for a man who is open and honest.  The thing about honesty is that it’s a sign of security.  What you see is what you get and there is absolutely nothing to hide.  Men, it’s time to stop pretending and start being real.  Real with your strengths, your weaknesses, your struggles. Real with your hopes, your dreams, and your fears.  Real with who you actually are; not who you want to be.

2. Purity:

We live in a society that has fooled us into thinking that women have no control over their emotions, and men have no control over their eyes.  I’m a firm believer that this is a lie straight from the pit of hell.  It sickens me to interact with women who expect their men to fall prey to lust, cheating, and adultery…as if that’s just part of being a man.

There is no doubt that we live in a world full of sexual temptation and struggles, but it is also true that we serve a God who gives us victory over our entire being- our minds, hearts, and bodies.  True masculinity comes when a man has enough honor and respect for the woman in his life to say no to temptations.

3. Strength: 

There is nothing better than a man who exudes strength.  Not the muscle-rippling kind of strength, but the strength of mind, heart, and spirit.  A strength that comes from a man who knows what he believes and stands firm for what’s right.  A strength in recognizing right from wrong, and confessing when he has given into the latter.  A strength that is confident enough to do right, choose right and be right.

In this day of compromise, women are looking for a man who is strong enough to stand his ground- holding on to his values, his beliefs, and most importantly, His God.

4. Compassion: 

You can always recognize a real man by taking a look at his heart.  Does his heart move for the things that move God’s heart?  Is he broken by the pain in his life?  Is he moved by the sins he’s working to overcome?  Is he affected when things are not as they should be in life, in situations, in relationships?

A man who strives for healing, restoration, and resolution.  A man who strives to right the wrongs around him- and the wrongs within him. We are looking for men of compassion, tenderness, and love- because therein we will always find the heart of Jesus.

5. Humility:

What raises a man up more than any other earthly thing is his ability to humble himself.  A real man doesn’t need to talk up who he is, because his life does that for him (Tweet it!).  He can put away the talk because a man of humility is focused so much more on his walk.  He is quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry- because he’s put away his “rights” for the right to be selfless, loving, and full of grace.

The greatest example of humility is found in the manliest man- Jesus: a man who laid down his rights and made himself nothing in order to be an example of undying love and affection to the bride who won his heart. Real men seek to do the same.


What women desire in a man in a relationship in order for them to submit totally to a man who is honest in his dealing, someone who is pure, can exhibit strength when or where necessary, someone who show compassion and a man who is humble. The qualities of a good man are exhibited by someone who has more to offer than just material wealth. Material things aren’t what real women are after in a relationship. For all who desire happy relationship and marriage these are ingredients that will make your relationship work the way you desire.

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