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What I Want From a Man: How to Find the Right Partner

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What I Want From a Man: How to Find the Right Partner

Love may be blind” they say, but knowing what you want from a man can save you from wasting time, effort, and money. It will also help you find an ideal partner. What I want from a man might be different from what you want in a man. Note that, different factors make a woman to fall in love with a man; his personal traits, his sincerity in sharing life with the woman, and positive trait are among these. People in general, love partners who are financially stable, intelligent, and positive about life. Most women fall for the good looks and the charm of a man, those attributes may not help in a fulfilling a long-lasting relationship. Knowing the qualities and traits to look for in a man is crucial because this can help you to find a compatible match. Here at Happy Relationship and Marriage, we desire the best in your relationship, in this article, we will look at what a woman wants from a man in other for her to give in her all into a relationship.

10 Things What I Want from A Man

So many men keep asking “what do women want from a man”, so here are what I want from a man before committing myself into a relationship:

1. He Should Be Loving

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Having a man that loves you, shows affection and appreciate you, makes you feel as you are in the right track.

2. He Accepts My Imperfections:

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Everyone has their share of flaws and imperfections. If a man wants me to act properly all the time, then he is not the right choice for me. As a partner, he should accept me for who I am as a person and should respect me no matter what.

3. He Should Be Independent:

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One of the qualities of a man is independence Does he make decisions independently or take permission from others? If a man cannot make his own decisions, then it is better to steer clear of him. Only an independent man will be able to value your freedom.

4. He Should Be Supportive:

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A clear sign that you have a good man is how he supports you. Whether you are still studying, working, or having business, your man will show up for you in several ways. Is a blessing to have a man who projects openness and celebrate your success more than anyone and encourages you to work hard and achieve your goals.

5. He Should Be a Good Communicator:

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He be able to communicate well, the key to any successful relationship is communication. I want a man who should be able to communicate his feelings, fears, anxieties, vulnerabilities, and dreams with his partner.

6. He Should Be Positive:

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Having a man with radiating optimism in life can lift your spirit whenever you feel low and lost. He will show you the brighter side of everything and help you tide over the crises in life with patience.

7. He Should Be Confident: 

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One of the key thing here is confidence, a partner who is not sure about himself or what he wants can be draining. You will always feel alone and insecure with such a man. However, a confident man will never hesitate to take things forward, moreover, he won’t shy away from accepting his mistakes and telling you about yours too.

8. He Should Make Me Happy:

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If you are always happy around a potential partner, he may be the right person for you. A good man makes you feel excited and comfortable around him. He makes jokes and makes you feel at home.

9. He Should Be a Motivator:

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One of the traits to look out for in a man is how he motivates you. Do you look at him and want to work harder on your goals? If yes, he is the right person for you. Your partner should make you better in life.

10. A Man That Fears God:

    Discovering the Ideal Partner: A Guide to Finding the Perfect Match

    A man that has the fear of God in him will always be wise and will have a successful home.


    I can start a relationship as soon as possible. However, knowing what I want from a man enables me prepare ahead and have realistic expectations from my potential partner. For me what I need from a man include; a man who loves me, support me, He is confident, he makes you laugh, he considers your feelings, he is kind, hardworking, he put you first in everything he does, he dresses well, he is optimistic, he is committed to you, he is romantic, he values your time, protects you, understands you, he is passionate, he is independent, he is respectful, he is a good communicator, productive, emotionally present, being sincere and honest, has a good hygiene and personal care, and above all has the fear of God in him. Above all, men be yourself. When a woman has these from a man, he will on her own release all the potentials in her into a relationship.  Any man who succeed in engaging a woman till she releases all her potentials, that man will be a successfully man.  

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