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Relationship: 5 Reasons Why it is Important

Relationship: 5 Reasons Why it is Important

We need a healthy relationship in life like we need salt. When we come across people in our day-to-day life, whether of the same gender or not without understanding that everyone we meet in life is for a purpose. Like the popular saying, “where the purpose of a thing is not known abuse is inevitable”. Where you don’t know the purpose of every relationship that comes your way, abuse will be inevitable. We will explore relationship and the reasons why it is important.

Reasons Why Relationship is important

If you know that every relationship comes for a purpose, you will move about with this mindset of creating an enabling environment for it. Let us look at the following reason why we need to value our day to day encounter in life;

1. Relationship provide short and long term benefit

Every relationship we create today can either have a short or a long term benefit on us. Most people out of selfishness have ruined a relationship that they benefited from in due time. They forgo the future for short term benefit. What is short and long term benefit?

  • What is a short term Benefit: This is the immediate benefit derive from a particular encounter in life with people.
  • What is a Long term Benefit: This is the benefit derive in the future, this is life a seed that you sow, allow it to germinate and then enjoy the benefit in future.

Most at times when we meet people we shouldn’t look at what we will get now as we can eat the fruit of a relationship we would have eaten in the future immediately and ruin the future.

2. It helps you to know each other better

When you enter a relationship with an open mind, it helps you to know and understand each other better. Helping each other to know the like and dislike of the other.

3. It creates room for self improvement

When people enter into a relationship, knowing very well that each have their flaws, relationship helps each other to improve self.

4. It helps partner to cope with life Challenges

Since life is filled with ups and downs, and each one of us have a challenging moment during which relationships provide a shoulder to rest on. Relationship helps you to have someone whose shoulder you can lean on. When you pass through challenges together, its strengthen bonds.

5. Relationship help to bring the best out in you

When you have healthy relationships, it brings out the best in you. The encouragement we receive from our connections can fuel our dreams to become a reality. When you realize that others believe in us, can boost our self-confidence and the desire to meet our goal in life.


Relationship when it is healthy becomes the cornerstone of our emotional and social well-being. They provide us with the benefit, understanding, and love that are essential for leading fulfilling lives. Whether it’s a soul mate bond, a romantic partnership, a close friendship, each contributes uniquely to our growth and brings the best out in us. Nurturing and cherishing these connections is not only beneficial to us individually but also essential for the flourishing communities and societies we build together.

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