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Benefits of Praying Together as a Family for Spiritual Growth

Benefits of Praying Together as a Family for Spiritual Growth

Praying together as a family isn’t just what we do in a family rather it is the bed rock for any happy marriage. No one when he or she is single or young will desire an unbearable marriage, all desire a happy marriage but only few get to enjoy happiness in their marriage, not because we don’t desire happiness in our marriage but because of what we didn’t understand early in life. This is why we find it fit to enlighten those of us who desire a happy marriage about the principle that have being tested by many and have seen the result. We shall explore the understanding what it means to be praying together as a family, the benefit of praying together as a family, how praying together as a family brings happiness in your marriage and how to maintain a fulfill matrimony through praying.

Understanding What it Means to be Praying Together as a Family

 “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them- Matt 18:20KJV”

Many people have being asking what the secret of maintaining a happy matrimony is. To maintain a happy matrimony you need to come together and cultivate the habit of praying together as prayer is the main ingredient that sustains marriage. The family coming together altar is the first thing any family who desire to have and maintain a happy relationship and marriage should begin with. How do you begin this? , as a husband and leader of the family, the first thing you need to do is to erect a family praying altar where family members will gather together to pray, as you keep the altar alive, God will be meeting with this family via this.

The Benefits of Praying Together as a Family

When you don’t understand the benefits, you will keep moving from one issue to the other in your marriage because there is no place where the Lord meets with all in the family, we will look at the benefits of praying together as a family;

a.) Helps all Members of the Family to Establish a Relationship With God

The secret behind having a home where the parents are not in tears for the children begins here; praying together as a family. Praying together as a family when it becomes a lifestyle the children will grow to learn to relate with God. Children learn by what they see the parent doing on daily basis. As a young man or woman who isn’t married yet, you can have a happy marriage if you understand this and make a promise to God to make this your life style. As a couple, you can start together to set up praying together as a family and allow the Lord to lead your family and see what the Lord will do in your marriage.

b.) The Lord Speaks With one another Concerning Issues in the Family

How happy will it be if we can hear from God concerning issues that concerns us in the family?  Activating a prayer life becomes crucial as this is the foundation where each member of the family can build a relationship with God and by so doing each members begins to hear from God.

c.) Spouse Can Easily Speak to God About one Another

Imagine having someone whom your spouse can easily listen to and you have access to speak with that person also. When a family develop a praying habit, it enable the family to constantly relate with God concerning our spouse, if there is something in our spouse we don’t like, we can easily talk to God about it and God will speak to your spouse.

d.) Since Both of you are Connected to God Happiness is Guarantee

There are so many things that bring sadness in marriages, ranging from financing, extended family challenges, etc. when you are constantly at the praying end with your family; there are issues God will solve without our knowledge.

e.) The Identity of the Children is Reveal to the Parent as they keep Praying Together as a Family

Each child that God gives to you came with an identity, that differs from the other ; it is only him that can enable you to know what your children will become in life. Imagine knowing the destiny of all the children God will give to you. This will enable you to give them all the necessary training in life to enable them become who they were destined to become.

f.) When the Family is Face with Challenges, You can Easily Pray to God in Agreement

There is power in agreement; when each member of the family comes together to talk to God about a particular challenge in a family. A family praying together helps each other to depend more on the Supreme Being than people on earth.


Are you in marriage already or intending to enter into marriage?, without adequate understanding of marriage and how to build a strong bond in marriage through praying together as a family, there are many things that will rob you the happiness of your matrimony. For you to have happiness that last in your matrimony, you need to understand what it means to be praying together as a family, while you engage in consistent prayer, you will discover the benefit of praying together as family. Most couple who practice this has experienced happiness in the home and the children growing and becoming who they were created to become in life.

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