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Parasocial Relationship: All You Need to Know

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Parasocial Relationship All You Need to Know

A parasocial relationship is a common and mostly harmless relationship that most of us are into. But problems arise when fans develop romantic feelings and expect them to be reciprocated in real life. This relationship is a one-sided relationship, where one person invests time, emotions, and possibly money into the other person, while the other party is unaware of their existence. People may enter into a Parasocial relationship as they expand their social network, but there is no chance of rejection by the celebrity. This allows them to freely choose who they build a relationship with.

 What is a Parasocial Relationship?

The Parasocial relationship is an imaginary, one-sided relationship that an individual forms with a public figure whom they do not know personally. This can be an actor, TV or movie character, celebrity, gamer, avatar, athlete, musician, radio host, podcaster, newscaster, presenter, talk show host, historical figure, politician, social media influencer, etc.

Signs of Being in a Parasocial Relationship

  1. You’re interested in a celebrity’s life and want to read an article about them.
  2. You root for good things to happen to the celebrity.
  3. You admire the celebrity and want to develop more of their positive attribute.
  4. It feels like the celebrity keeps you company
  5. If you don’t see the celebrity in the news or movie you don’t find it interested

Positive Effect Side

  1. They can inspire you to improve yourself: people who have parasocial relationships may use their chosen celebrity as a role model to improve their own lives.
  2. They can make you feel more confident: having a relationship with someone you admire so much can make you feel better and have confident
  3. Increased belonging: on a more optimistic note, Parasocial connection can increase self-confidence, improve one’s belief in self-efficacy, and result in stronger feelings of belonging.
  4. Help with loneliness: This can provide some aid if you are going through a difficult and lonely time.
  5. Bring out your best self: by listening and also washing your role model you will experience a boost in self-esteem and will feel closer to your ideal self

The Benefit of Being in a Parasocial Relationship

  1. Parasocial relationship provides support, inspiration, and motivation
  2. It helps to be a positive influence
  3. It creates a sense of connection and community
  4. Parasocial relationship Enhance self-esteem
  5. It teaches life lessons
  6. Help people overcome challenges
  7. Reduce health-related stigma
  8. Encourage healthy behaviors
  9. Offers companionship etc.  


Parasocial relationships are okay as long as we continue to form and sustain healthy relationships alongside these interactions. It is also imperative that we don’t bring harm to others over their perceptions of our favorite media personas. We cannot lose ourselves in the name of engaging with people who are ultimately unaware of our existence. However, these relationships can increase the sense of belonging, increase social connections, and help people.

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