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How to Deal With Jealousy in Relationships Now

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How to Deal Jealousy in Relationships Now

Jealousy in Relationships is a mild stone that one needs to cross before having a relationship you can be proud of. Let paint a scenario; You are on a transits with your partner, all seems well until you look through your rear mirror and saw a young lady. All seems well until you notice your partner’s sudden face change toward you. Suddenly, a burning itch comes through your mind with many thoughts – jealousy has made its grand entrance. It’s that mix of insecurity, unease, and a hint of irritation that many of us are familiar with. Welcome to the complex world of jealousy in relationships, where emotions can be as unpredictable just as the weather.

What is Jealousy?

Just like an onion, Jealousy is like that– it’s got layers, and it can make you cry when not carefully handled. At its core, it’s a completely human emotion, reminding us one thing or the other every now and then. It often creeps in when we feel like our special connection with our partner might be under threat – be it your spouse, from a new colleague at work, a longtime friend, or even a social media friend.

Causes of Jealousy in Relationships

Let’s play detective and uncover the sources behind jealousy in Relationships:

1. Insecurity is the Central

If you’ve ever questioned your worth in life or thought, “Why would they choose me?” – Insecurity have set in, you’ve stumbled upon the insecurity factor. The less sure you are about yourself, the more likely jealousy is to rear its head.

2. Interpretation Mix-ups

Look at this: your partner receives a call from the opposite gender and smile while receiving the call. In your mind, that laughter translates to secret conversations and betrayal. But guess what? Interpretation Mix-ups are a thing, and they often fuel jealousy’s flames in a relationship.

3. Ghost of The Past Relationships

When you remember that ex who crushed your trust? Yeah, they’re like the ghost that just won’t leave the party involve in relationship alone. Past heartbreaks can paint the lens through which we see our current partners, making us see threats that aren’t really there. That is why we always advise after heartbreak; see a therapy to deal with certain things that might cloud your heart before entering into a new relationship.

4. Comparison Trap

Thanks to Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms, we’re now in the era of constant comparisons. When we compare our relationship to the picture-perfect ones online, not knowing that social media relationship isn’t really real in some cases. Jealousy often sneaks in to destroy you.  One among the worst thing you can do in a relationship is to constantly compare your partner with another.

5. Societal Invisible Hand

When you heard this whisper in your ear saying, “Your partner should be like this, and your relationship should be like that”? Blame society’s unrealistic standards for setting the stage for jealousy in relationships. We live in a generation where the society is hitting hard on us.

Effects of Jealousy in Relationships

Jealousy might start as just a little spark, but if left unchecked, it can become a blazing fire that engulfs your relationship and probably destroy your relationship:

1. Trust Takes a Hit

Jealousy bulldozes through trust like a bull in a shop. Suddenly, every innocent action from your partner becomes a potential betrayal in your eyes.

2. Effective Communication Breakdown

Remember those times you tried to express your feelings but ended up sounding more like a prosecutor? Yep, jealousy often locks the gates of healthy communication.

3. Let leads to Stress and Strain

Jealousy doesn’t come alone; it brings its buddies stress and anxiety to the party involve. Your relationship that was once a source of joy as now becomes a breeding ground for negativity.

4. It Brings Social Hibernation

In the name of self-preservation, jealousy in relationships might prompt you to avoid situations where your partner might interact with others. Slowly, you’re retreating into a bubble.

5. It Leads To Unwanted Alter Egos

In extreme cases, jealousy can transform into ugly behaviors like snooping through phones, restricting social interactions some and in most cases you can block your partner, or even questioning your partner’s intentions.

Taking the Wheel: Managing Jealousy in Relationships

Fighting jealousy in relationships is like taming a wild beast – it takes effort, understanding, and above all patience:

1. Know Thyself

Recognize your insecurities and acknowledge the role they play in triggering jealousy. Understanding your emotions is the first step in dealing with them.

2. Talk It Out

Communication, my friend, is your best ally. Share your feelings with your partner, but remember to use “I” statements rather than pointing fingers.

3. Draw Boundaries

Set boundaries as a couple – what’s okay, what’s not. It can provide a sense of security and reduce misunderstandings. Be open with your partner to reduce misunderstanding.

4. Deal with your Pasts

Address past traumas head-on. If old wounds are affecting your current relationship, it’s time to let those ghosts rest. If possible see a therapist.

5. Social Media Cleansing

Unfollow, mute, or simply take a break from the virtual world. Sometimes, distancing yourself from constant comparisons can work wonders. If you have a friend who is constantly making it looks as if your partner is not doing enough, please stay away from such friend.

6. Self-Love Matters

Building your self-esteem is like putting on armor against jealousy’s arrows. Nurture your passions, embrace your strengths, and watch your confidence soar. This will help believe that in your relationship none can replace you; this will reduce jealousy in relationships.


Jealousy in Relationships is a part of being human – it’s as universal as laughter or love. But just like these other emotions, it needs to be managed with care. Remember, a little sprinkle of jealousy can sometimes remind us of our affection for our partners, but letting it run rampant can lead to chaos in your relationship. So, take a deep breath, communicate openly, and work on your own self-growth. After all, navigating jealousy is just another adventure in the wild terrain of relationships.

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